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Austrian scientist, Count Alois von Beckh Widdmanstatten, discovered in 1808 that iron meteorites heated to reveal a deeper Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica colour and lustre. This revealed the amazing metal crystal Tag Heuer Replica Watches patterns made by nickel and iron. Widdmanstatten did not publish his findings. The discovery of the metal-crystal pattern is usually attributed to William Thomson, an Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica English mineralogist who, in 1804, applied nitric acid to a meteorite slice to remove any oxidation patina and observed the strange patterns that appeared on its surface.Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica

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Although meteorite has been used in jewellery for many decades, Rolex didn't use it until 2008 when it introduced a limited-edition Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replicawhite-gold Rolex Daytona with an meteorite dial. It has been used in a few models since then. However, Tag Heuer Replica Watches due to the highly industrialized manufacturing of Rolex, a meteorite dial needs different handling. Because every meteorite sliver is Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replicaunique, there will never be two identical dials. This is a great advantage for those who are looking for Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica something truly special. Rolex, like Thomson, gives the meteorite slices a acid wash to reveal their natural crystalline patterns.